lil munchkin birthday party

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam..malam nie nas nak share sweet moment yg terjadi lil munchkin client birthday party Muhammad Fudail Ashraf bin Mohd Fairuz..alhamdulillah..may Allah bless him always n hope he can be a good child towards his mommy n daddy..semalam adalah his first birthday celebration..


Actually his birthday was on 19th March..but we decided to make the celebration on 23rd March 2014..much easier so that the cousins,,nephews can come n join the birthday party.. Usually we just call him Pudai.. So notty laa dis munchkin…


Seems like the aunties lagi excited dari birthday boy..hahahahaha..the event’s venue at kfc aeon big ampang…bertuah sgt laa pudai nie sbb he got 3 aunties which are still single n that we can always give our attention and love towards him..hahahahahaha..




Ini adalah antara permainan yg kitowg main semalam..ada musical chair,,main tampal2 n so gilos..bukan budak2 je excited..yg besa2 pown dok excited jugak..neway,,thanx to bella coz inviting us to your son’s birthday party..

Your Takaful & Financial Advisor,
-Live Great With Great Eastern Takaful-


4 thoughts on “lil munchkin birthday party

    • mmg best sgt3..budak2 laa yg paling happy bin enjoy..suara dorg laa yg menghuru harakan kfc tuh…sbb dalam pada makanan kfc,,staff kfc ada jugak organize permainan atau activity utk budak2 kita yg adult nie bole laa menikmati makanan kfc dgn tenang dan aman..hehe..:)


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