heartbreaking pictures capture the ravages of cancer


Malaysian photojournalist Ahmad Yusni documented his 33 year old younger brother Mohammad Sani’s final 39 days after he was diagnosed with terminal ‘germ cell’ cancer. Ahmad reveals he had already lost a father and another siblings when his younger brother Mohammad was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor. The collection of pictures reveal in vivid detail Mohammad’s pain and suffering as the rare condition ravages his body right up to his death..





He said :
‘ I lost hope that he would recover due to many complications. I found my prayers to Allah changing : ” oh Allah, please stop his pain even death is the only choice, i can’t stand to see his suffering anymore”.
‘ even through this long and painful battle, he said thank you to me and told me that he loved me,’ Ahmad said. Deep in my heart, I felt he would leave us soon when he told me that our father and brother had called upon him for three consecutive nights to join them in his dreams.
‘ Then, on early Saturday morning, he left us forever. His heartbeat dropped dramatically. Although sad, the expression on his face showed that he had found a peaceful and deep sleep’.

As Mohammad had requested, the family laid him to rest beside his father and brother in the same cemetery. Al Fatihah to en. Mohammad.. Semoga beliau ditempatkan dalam kalangan org yg beriman.. Amin3..



would like to know what is germ cell cancer, please click on this link..


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